‘Digital native’ journalists urged to rise to challenges in pandemic reporting

As the world faces a “perfect storm of crises”— COVID-19, attacks on media credibility and online disinformationーit is even more important now for young journalists to verify information they share online and in telling stories.

This was stressed by veteran journalists in a McLuhan Panel Forum on “Philippine Journalism in the New Normal: Challenges and Opportunities” earlier this month.

Christian Esguerra of ABS-CBN and recipient of last year’s McLuhan Journalism award, noted the diminished role of media in today’s society with the emergence of social media. 

He said traditional media “no longer dominate the narrative” in the Philippines, their credibility has dropped severely, and journalists are under “relentless attack.”

Esguerra, who also teaches at the University of Sto. Tomas, lamented that journalists have been labelled as prostitutes and low lifes while news organizations are accused of spreading “fake news.”

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