House justice panel junks impeachment complaint vs Leonen

Voting 44-0, the House justice committee dismissed Thursday the impeachment complaint against Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.Lawmakers, including several House leaders, pointed out the complaint largely relied on news reports, did not include original documents, and was not based on the complainant’s personal knowledge.

Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez said, “It is not sufficient in form. It is not sufficiently verified. And its verification is a travesty because it says, ‘My own personal knowledge,’ and then what is being attached and being cited are newspaper, online reports.”

Edwin Cordevilla, Filipino League of Advocates for Good Government secretary general, filed the complaint against Leonen which was endorsed by Ilocos Norte Representative Angelo Barba, cousin of former Senator “Bongbong” Marcos whose poll protest was unanimously junked by the Supreme Court in a decision penned by Leonen.

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