List: Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in the Philippines

Four more COVID-19 patients were added to the six earlier reported cases, the Department of Health says in a statement on Sunday.

The samples of the new cases were tested on March 7 and resulted in positive findings the day after.

The seventh case is a 38-year-old Taiwanese male who has no history of travel outside the country but made contact with another COVID-19 patient, a Taiwanese who visited the Philippines.

The eighth case is a 32-year-old Filipino male who traveled to Japan in the last 14 days. He is currently in a private hospital after the onset of symptoms on March 5.

The ninth case is an 86-year-old American male with pre-existing hypertension and history of travel to USA and South Korea. He is currently in a private hospital.

The 10th case is a 57-year-old Filipino male with no history of travel outside of the country.

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