Residents Troubled by POGO Workers Moving Into Parañaque Subdivision

Residents of an upscale subdivision in Parañaque City said they are troubled by the growing number of Chinese workers moving into their neighborhood and engaging in activities they found suspicious, according to a video presented by Senator Richard Gordon during an investigation of Philippine offshore gaming operators on Thursday, March 5.

Residents are worried about the construction of a firing range near Multinational Village’s recreational center, causing them to wonder whether the able-bodied Chinese men and women now living among them could be more than just gambling dealers. Fleets of buses and vans used by the workers also cause heavy traffic.

The video showed two-story houses being built into condominiums to accommodate POGO workers, violating the subdivision’s rules. Residents worry the construction may be unsound. Some houses built for single families have as many as 40 POGO workers living in them.

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