Eleazar: Increase in Crime ‘Directly Dependent’ on Number of Chinese in PH

The sudden spike in the number of crimes is “directly dependent” on the influx of Chinese nationals arriving in the country, Philippine National Police Deputy Director for Operations Lieutenant General Guillermo Eleazar said Thursday.

During the Senate blue ribbon committee’s hearing on the alleged money laundering, crimes, and other nefarious activities associated with Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators, Eleazar said there were 73 kidnapping incidents related to casinos over the last three years. There was a noticeable spike in 2019 with 38 kidnapping incidents, compared to the 16 cases in 2018.

According to Eleazar, with more economic activity and Chinese in the country, more crimes are expected. With the “influx of Chinese,” Eleazar said there will be “more of these nationals… involved in commission of crimes.” He said they are in coordination with the Chinese Embassy regarding crimes committed by Chinese nationals.

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