Mayor Isko Declares Arroceros as ‘Permanent Forest Park’

Arroceros Forest Park, the so-called last lung of the city of Manila, is officially here to stay.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno signed on February 27 Manila City Ordinance No. 8607, declaring the land along Arroceros Street as a “permanent forest park” from simply being a “property.”

The park, along Antonio Villegas Street in the central district of Ermita, is about 2.2 hectares wide and is home to over 3,000 trees of 61 varieties, and 8,000 ornamental plants. Previous Manila leadership planned to build a gymnasium in the area.

Moreno said the city would allocate one million pesos for the park’s operation. There will be “peace officers” for the park, and an Arroceros Forest Park Governing Committee will be tasked to formulate plans for the park.

The ordinance prohibits cutting trees, dumping waste, and any form of excavation in the area. Violators will be slapped with fines and possibly even imprisonment.

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