Adam Levine Apologizes After Maroon 5’s Festival Performance in Chile

Maroon 5 is facing backlash for the band’s performance at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile at the end of February. The American pop rock band was 30 minutes late to their set and fans complained Levine lacked “energy to interact with the audience.”

In a post Friday on Instagram Stories, the singer said his fans deserved an explanation. Levine said “there were some things holding me back last night and I let them get to me” which impacted his performance onstage. He apologized for this unprofessional behavior.

Levine said he was preoccupied with making sure he both looked good and sounded good to fans watching from home on television.

The singer said he adored his Chilean fans and loved coming to the song festival. He acknowledged it wasn’t the best performance for the band, and that he would learn from it.

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