Study Says Australian Summers Grow Longer Due to Climate Change

Australian summers are lengthening by a month or more while winters are getting shorter due to climate change, according to a leading think tank. The Australia Institute said large areas of the country were experiencing an additional 31 days of summer each year compared to the 1950s.

While Sydney was just under the average with an extra 28 hot days a year, Melbourne added 38 warmer days since the middle of the 20th century. 

In some regional areas ravaged by bushfires in recent months, residents are now experiencing seven more weeks of typical summer temperatures.  Australia’s capital, Canberra, lost 35 winter days while the city of Brisbane, in the country’s east, lost 31 cooler days.

Global warming was making the country’s summers increasingly dangerous, with less time in winter to carry out bushfire prevention work and extreme heat causing health and economic impacts.

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