Trump: ‘Very Safe’ to Hold Campaign Rallies Despite COVID-19

U.S. President Donald Trump said that campaign rallies do not put his supporters at risk of catching or spreading COVID-19, insisting that the country is well prepared for the disease.

“I think it’s very safe” to continue holding frequent rallies across the country, Trump said when questioned in the Oval Office. He is campaigning for a second term in November’s elections.

The real-estate tycoon was scheduled to hold another rally in North Carolina last Monday after a meeting with the heads of large pharmaceutical companies to discuss efforts to contain the virus. He said he “asked them to accelerate whatever they’re doing in terms of a vaccine.”

The United States has been spared the worst so far as the virus spreads around the world, but over the weekend it announced its first two recorded deaths in the area around Seattle in the western state of Washington, which has been the worst hit region in the country.

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