UK approves world-first COVID-19 reinfection trial among young volunteers

UK scientists are planning to reinfect volunteers with COVID-19 in a world-first trial.

Researchers from Oxford University say the study will be an important part of working out who is really immune from the virus and for how long.

The UK had just four coronavirus deaths on April 19, the lowest since September. But keeping the path out of lockdown clear remains a challenging task. Officials have confirmed 182 cases of a variant first identified in India have been found in the UK.

Keeping potentially vaccine-resistant strains at bay will be a vital part of the UK strategy. The country’s largest surge-testing program to date has been unleashed across several parts of London in recent days, after cases of the mutation first seen in South Africa also emerged.

Among those at a PCR test center was a man who had already received two doses of a COVID-19 jab. He remains vigilant but worries that others will not, adding that “people in the streets don’t use masks.”

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