Vaccine over sand: Fresh dose of dolomite in Manila Bay draws renewed criticisms

The national government’s controversial white sand beach project in Manila Bay was revived amid the worsening pandemic situation in the country.

Photos of fresh dolomite being dumped along a portion of Roxas Boulevard were reported on social media on April 13, which drew some renewed criticisms online.

In the photos, large trucks dumped pulverized rocks to replace the sand that had washed away and fill the 500-meter stretch of beach.

The white sand beach is part of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program.

This project started construction in September 2020 and reportedly costs 349 million pesos.

Filipinos slammed the dumping of fresh dolomite, saying the funds could have been used to resolve the vaccine shortage in the country.

Some Twitter users also pointed out the large budget could have been allocated for financial support to the poor affected by the pandemic.

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