Fix bad lockdown posture – by copying astronauts

As you work from home, you might not be moving around as much. Your home desk setup (and the posture you adopt while working) might not be as good as it should be. These can lead to back pain.

At Northumbria University’s Aerospace Medicine and Rehabilitation Laboratory, researchers look into ways to keep the spine healthy in astronauts during space missions.

While on the International Space Station, astronauts float rather than sit. So they’re encouraged to keep a normal, upright position as much as possible, and exercise to maintain back strength.

To keep good posture on Earth, make sure you set up your desk, chair and home office equipment correctly. Ensure the middle of your screen is at eye level. Sit back in a good chair that is upright and not reclined.

Have your keyboard level, right in front of you, with your elbows by your side and at 90 degrees, with wrists supported. Make sure your feet are also flat on the floor in front of you.

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