India hopes U.S. will soon end curbs on vaccine raw materials export

India is hopeful the United States will soon lift a ban on vaccine raw materials threatening to slow output of shots in the country, two Indian government sources shared, after the foreign ministers of the two nations spoke.

One of the officials said the administration of President Joe Biden told India that its request was being considered and would be acted upon “at the earliest.”

One of the sources noted the “U.S. needs to lift restrictions” for active pharmaceutical ingredients “without which there cannot be vaccines for all.”

Washington has invoked the wartime powers of the Defense Production Act to preserve vaccine raw materials for its own companies, but the Serum Institute of India, the world’s biggest vaccine maker, said this went against the global goal of sharing vaccines equitably.

The potential movement on raw materials comes days after the chief executive of SII tweeted directly to Biden to end the supply curb.

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