Xi’s 2021 Boao speech reaffirms China as a responsible global power

Running from April 18 to 21 under the theme “A World in Change: Join Hands to Strengthen Global Governance and Advance Belt and Road Cooperation,” the Boao Forum for Asia was the first major diplomatic event in China this year.

It was held in Hainan, China’s largest special economic zone and front line of China’s reform and opening-up policy.

During the inaugural address of Chinese President Xi Jinping at the annual conference on April 20, he presented “Chinese solutions” for Asian economic cooperation and trade partnership within Asia and between Asia and other parts of the world, amid the current U.S. trade protectionism.

Xi’s speech can be seen as a bulwark against the unilateralism and protectionism caused by successive U.S. leaderships.

Xi emphasized, “We must not let the rules set by one or a few countries be imposed on others, or allow unilateralism pursued by certain countries to set the pace for the whole world.”

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