Dating apps and artificial intelligence

The 4-billion-dollar online dating industry has a growing number of players. Dominating it is the Match Group, which owns OkCupid, Tinder, Match, and 45 other dating-related businesses.

Match and its competitors have accumulated a rich trove of personal data, which artificial intelligence can analyse to predict how we choose partners.

The industry is majorly embracing AI. For instance, Match’s AI-enabled chatbot “Lara” guides people through the process of romance, offering suggestions based on up to 50 personal factors.

Dating website eHarmony uses AI to analyse people’s chat and sends suggestions about how to make the next move. Happn uses AI to “rank” profiles and show those it predicts a user might prefer.

Loveflutter’s AI takes the guesswork out of moving the relationship along, such as suggesting a restaurant both parties could visit. And Badoo uses facial recognition to suggest a partner that looks like a celebrity crush.

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