Antipolo Dumagats hope new 31,000-tree reforestation project takes root

The Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act of 1997 recognizes the rights of IP communities over their ancestral lands and identifies their rights for the government’s promotion and protection.

Claiming parts of Sierra Madre as their ancestral domain since before colonization of the Philippines, the nomadic Dumagat-Remontado community in the sitio of San Ysiro in Antipolo, Rizal has rights over the comprising lands, inland bodies of water, and natural resources, which include the forests.

This year, the community has sealed a partnership with Haribon Foundation to reforest 50 hectares of forests with over 31,000 trees.

As their partner, Haribon will also provide the community the livelihood incentives from the production and planting of native seedlings, followed by a three-year maintenance of the planted seedlings.

This is part of a five-year reforestation project covering 100 hectares of the Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape.

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