‘Only 35 million Pinoys need vaccination for herd immunity’

The country may only need to vaccinate 35 million Filipinos and not 70 million as generally held by experts to achieve herd immunity from COVID-19, the OCTA Research Group said.

OCTA fellow Guido David shared, “When you do an examination of the details, for example there are certain regions that are not high-risk… They actually don’t need 70 percent to get herd immunity. They just need 15 to 20 percent of their population vaccinated.”

Herd immunity refers to the protection developed by the population against an infectious disease following the vaccination or infection of a sizable amount of the general public.

Previous estimates said countries have to vaccinate 70 percent of their population to develop herd immunity.

But David said they came up with the smaller target of 33 percent based on different factors such as having regions that have not experienced major COVID-19 outbreaks since the pandemic started.

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