Open door to Bruno Mars

The incredibly talented Bruno Mars can always be counted on to perk things up with his feel-good sound. Remember how he did it with Uptown Funk? Well, he has done it again.

The tune is titled “Leave the Door Open” and it is funky, sexy and lots of sparkling fun. With his honeyed vocals, Mars sings about how he is waiting and hoping for his lover to show up.

He is thinking of cuddling and kissing and has even put rose petals in the bathtub. He is unsure though. Still, he is optimistic she will come and that is why he leaves the door open.

It has been quite some time since we have had anything new from the multi-Grammy winning (and we are proud to say) part-Pinoy Mr. Mars. The last solo song he released was Chunky about four years ago. His last solo album was the Album of the Year winner 24K Magic released in 2016.

News we get about him always mentions he is working on a new album but that solo effort is still waiting to happen.

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