Facebook’s job advertisement algorithms accused of gender bias

Facebook users may not be learning about jobs they are qualified for because the platform’s algorithms can disproportionately direct adverts to a particular gender “beyond what can be legally justified,” researchers said in a study published on April 9.

The team from the University of Southern California bought ads on Facebook for two job listings with similar qualification requirements but for different companies.

The ads did not specify a specific demographic or gender in the listing. The first was for a Domino’s pizza delivery driver disproportionately viewed by more men than women, the other for Instacart drivers.

Researchers used the two companies because Instacart already has mostly female drivers, and Domino’s drivers are mostly men. The data were then compared with other job websites.

In contrast, LinkedIn pushed the ads for delivery jobs at Domino’s to the same proportion of women as it did the Instacart one.

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