101-year-old jab recipient wants to resume walking

Now that 101-year-old Tomasa Amurao got her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, she wants to do her usual walking routine again but was cautioned to put if off until after she gets the full dose.

Her grandson shared, “This pandemic really affected the elderly, like Nanay Po. They exercise by walking and it improves their endurance and balance.”

He added, “Nanay Po used to walk for 1.5 to three kilometers daily. She has the best disposition, always giggling, and healthy. The pandemic somewhat weakened her.”

With the government now rolling out its vaccination program, he is hopeful the elderly will avail of the protection.

He was proud to witness the inoculation of his grandmother and shared, “We wish all the best for Nanay Po. She wants to live more than 110 years old which we all desire (so we can be reminded on) how to really live. We should care for and cherish them and learn from them the secret of a long, fulfilled life.”

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