Cyclists, others active transport users not required to wear face shields – DOH

Cyclists and other active transport users are not required to use face shields due to potential safety risks, the Department of Health stressed, issuing the reminder following reports of people being arrested for biking without face shields.

In Cainta, a doctor who was biking to work was apprehended for not wearing a face shield. According to tweets from an account claiming to be the doctor’s friend, the healthcare practitioner was booked for “resisting arrest.”

The doctor, who was detained for three nights. The Philippine National Police said. Cainta police said unjust vexation and civil disobedience raps were filed against the unnamed doctor.

The DOH, however, said that face shields must be worn before and after cycling or other similar activities. It reminded “active transport users that the use of face masks, and the observance of physical distancing…hygiene practices, and other appropriate health interventions must continue.”

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