In France, an Italian classic dominates cheese sales growth in 2020

In France, the blue-veined roquefort holds the title king of cheeses, but in 2020 another type reigned supreme – and it’s not even French.

Mozzarella saw its sales jump 21 percent last year, more than any of the cheese platter favorites.

But the Italian classic isn’t an outlier. Appetite for cheeses across the board was strong in 2020 as the mainstay of the French diet likely offered comfort, convenience, and endless possibilities in the kitchen during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Overall sales of non-organic cheeses from cow’s milk were up by nine percent, those from goat’s milk rose by seven percent and from sheep’s milk increased by six percent, reported the French agency for agricultural and fishery products. Most notably, organic goat cheeses leaped by 32 percent during the year.

It’s a cause for celebration for cheesemakers and cheesemongers who around this time last year were looking at tough times ahead as the pandemic bit into sales.

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