Translated guidelines for COVID-19 home care treatment in Filipino, Bisaya released

Medical doctors released a set of infographics about home care for patients infected by the novel coronavirus in Filipino and Bisaya amid hospitals declaring full capacity for COVID-19 cases.

The infographics were originally from the World Health Organization and the Department of Health.

Doctors Ayz Ligot, Lizette Lopez, Ryan Gacayan and Sylvernon Israel translated the texts to Filipino and Bisaya to make the information of home care treatment accessible to more Filipinos.

Ligot shared them on Facebook on April 7. In the post, he stated that they made the translations to enhance health literacy in the country.

The physician said, “Among the challenges to enhancing health literacy are overcoming language barriers. These barriers can make health information and advice difficult to fully appreciate. Sharing these infographics on COVID precautions and home care that have been translated into Filipino and Bisaya.”

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