Real-life soap opera: Mother finds out son’s bride is her long-lost daughter

A wedding in China turned into a family reunion after the groom’s mother discovered her daughter-in-law was her long-lost biological daughter.

The groom’s mother found a birthmark on the bride’s hand that looked similar to her long-lost daughter’s. She asked the parents of the bride if their daughter was adopted, to the shock of the bride’s parents as no one knew the real story.

The parents admitted they found the bride on the roadside over 20 years ago and they loved the girl as their own.

After getting confirmation, the groom’s mother looked at the bride closely as they embraced with tears.

The bride, however, was confused if the man she will marry is her brother. But the mother admitted that the lovers are not siblings as she adopted the groom after she lost her daughter.

The wedding turned out as planned with some twists that the lady’s son became her son-in-law while her supposed daughter-in-law became her real daughter.

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