Germany’s New Immigration Law – Will It Work?

Germany’s new immigration law took effect on Sunday, amid hopes it will attract foreign workers to bolster industries that have been left short of staff over recent years. 

Skilled workers will be incentivized to move to Germany from around the world, especially if they are trained in one of the sectors the country is currently lacking in – including nursing, IT, and engineering. 

There is a special focus on those with vocational skills – so if someone didn’t go to university, they can now access a whole range of work related to their qualifications.

Despite an influx of refugees since 2015, many gaps have not been plugged. This is due to some of the difficulties associated with working in Germany as a foreign national, including the obstacle of having to learn the German language.

The new law also adds a “job seekers” category, which allows migrants to apply for a six-month visa without a contract waiting for them in Germany.

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