Thailand to focus tourism on wellness, therapy: Retreat to the ocean

From the soothing texture of fine sand, to the relaxing murmur of waves, it’s no wonder why people gravitate to the ocean when they want to take a break.

Thailand currently recommends 16 spots for Ocean Therapy, particularly the town of Trat in the coast of eastern Thailand. Trat is well-known by tourists for island hopping, where travelers can visit and savor the unique sceneries each island in the area has to offer.

Trat is also where one can get close to marine life: clams, corals and even mangrove forests abound in the area. Trat is also home to the only black sand beach in Thailand—and one of five in the world—where dipping feet into the sand can exfoliate and nourish the skin.

The Ko Chang District in Trat also provides Stand Up Paddling lessons, hiking to the Khlong Phlu waterfall, or visits to fishing villages in the area. Truly, a quick scan into what Trat can offer will leave no tourist without anything to do or discover.

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