Social media messaging dominates Pinoy kids’ online activities in 2020 amid shift to distance learning

Most Filipino children who have internet access used it for social media purposes last year, which was also the same period the country’s education system shifted to the blended learning approach.

Data collected by a cybersecurity firm showed that 43 percent of Filipino children went online for social media messaging.

Due to the tough lockdowns since March 2020, social media became the main communication tool among their peers and teachers aside from video-conferencing platforms.

The data also showed that 35 percent of Filipino children are into watching videos and listening to music while only 14 percent are into playing computer games.

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said, “Streaming content, both in video and audio format have become the most in-demand entertainment source. The eSports industry was boosted by the current conditions since traditional live sports events were cancelled left and right.”

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