Muslims prepare for second Covid Ramadan

Across the Muslim world, worshippers are gearing up for the start of their second Ramadan of the coronavirus pandemic, with the holy fasting month kicking off on April 13.

In Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous nation with over 100 million people, the sanitary measures are less strict than a year ago when mosques were shut completely and a curfew was in force.

The mood in Cairo was relatively cheerful as the city prepared for special prayers, with bright lights festooning the streets. However, many of those rushing around the city shopping for last-minute supplies were maskless.

Saudi authorities have meanwhile said that only people immunised against Covid-19 will be allowed to perform the year-round umrah pilgrimage from the start of Ramadan.

Bangladesh has announced it will virtually seal itself off, shutting down both international and domestic transport while shutting offices in an attempt to staunch its own spiralling outbreak.

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