Solar power dawns light of prosperity in China’s impoverished areas

The solar photovoltaic power project, one of the major targeted poverty alleviation programs in China, has contributed greatly to the country’s poverty reduction efforts, according to a white paper released by the country’s State Council Information Office.

In areas that have appropriate solar resources and suitable conditions, the government has funded the construction of photovoltaic power stations, which are owned collectively by the local villages.

The income generated from the power stations is spent entirely on alleviating poverty. As of the end of last year, 100,000 villages across China had installed the said solar photovoltaic power stations, generating a total of 18.65 million kilowatts of electricity and bringing an average annual income of 30,000 dollars for each village.

The earnings have been used to create public welfare jobs, fund small public welfare programs and offer small bonuses and subsidies, said the white paper.

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