DOH reminder: Cyclists, others active transport users not required to wear face shields

Cyclists and other active transport users are not required to use face shields due to potential safety risks, the Department of Health stressed, issuing the reminder following reports of people being arrested for biking without face shields.

The DOH said, “With increasing reports of cyclists and other active transport users being arrested for not wearing face shields, the [DOH] reiterates that active transport users are NOT required to use face shields due to its potential safety risks when used during active transport.”

A DOH memorandum states “individuals engaged in strenuous activities/work, fine workmanship, operation of transportation vehicles, and active transport” are exempted from wearing face shields.

A joint memorandum circular from various government agencies also states that “due to the possible vision impairment face shields bring,” cyclists and users of active transport are exempted from the use of face shields.

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