Over half of COVID cases are acquired from asymptomatics

Over half of COVID cases are acquired from people with no symptoms at the time they pass it on. The 15-minute rule for close contact is based on custom and practice rather than empirical evidence.

One-meter distancing rules (derived from economic models of lost productivity as from scientific evidence of protection) do not mean that if people keep within these distances, they are safe. It only means that people farther apart are less likely to infect one another.

A reason for wearing masks when exercising near others is the message of social solidarity it conveys. The masked jogger or cyclist is saying “the pandemic is still very serious” and “your safety is more important than my comfort or my lap time.”

Instead of aggressive stand-offs between mask less exercisers and fearful walkers (which sometimes involves the potentially contagious act of shouting at close quarters), both parties could exchange a silent wave as they pass peacefully.

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