Chinese Couple Shot in Makati

A Chinese couple were shot by their three dinner companions in a restaurant in Makati City. Information technology employee Yin Jian Tao, 33, died at the scene while his wife Zheng Kai, 25, was rushed to the Makati Medical Center for treatment of several gunshot wounds.

The couple were having dinner in the VIP room of the Jiang Nan Hotpot restaurant on N. Garcia street in Barangay Bel-Air with three Chinese men at around 10 p.m. last Thursday.

When the three men ran out of the restaurant, the restaurant’s security guard and five barangay watchmen gave chase, catching two of the three suspects.

Police recovered three guns and a bag containing 345,000 pesos from the two suspects.

Police said the victims met with the suspects in order to convert one million pesos into yuan. But the suspects – clad in soldiers’ uniforms, according to Chinese restaurant patrons – only intended to rob the victims.

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