‘Unethical’: Medical group denounces physical therapist for spreading false info on COVID-19

A group of physical therapists cautioned the public against a health worker spreading false information about COVID-19 and its vaccines.

The Philippine Physical Therapy Association said Ronald Samaniego, a physical therapist, is not a member of the association and his views do not reflect the views of the entire physical therapy profession.

The organization also condemned his “unethical and irresponsible behavior in the strongest possible terms” as evidenced in his “false and baseless claims” about the pandemic on social media.

Twitter users urged fellow Filipinos to report the Facebook pages of Samaniego whom they called a “COVID denier.”

One wrote, “Please head on to FB and report this COVID denier page! Wala raw COVID sa Pinas kasi binagyo na tayo at mainit here…[He] is part of the problem.”

The Department of Health shared a screengrab of one of his videos without mentioning his name and warned the public against “fake news.”

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