Get over phone call anxiety by avoiding phone calls

A 2019 survey of UK office workers found 76% of millennials and 40% of baby boomers have anxious thoughts when their phone rings. Because of this, 61% of millennials completely avoid calls, compared with 42% of baby boomers.

If you suffer from these symptoms, make it easier by avoiding phone calls. Talking on the phone can be daunting as we’re limited to just the sounds of our voices. In the absence of all other social cues – like gestures, body language and eye contact – we often feel self-conscious of the sound of our own voices and our choice of words.

Thanks to technology, we can go days or even months without directly speaking to others on the phone. One study found anxious people prefer texting over phone calls, rating it a superior medium for expressive and intimate contact.

Some people opt for texting as it gives them time to think about the wording of their messages, providing the opportunity to be informal.

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