Going out for essentials

Even going out for essentials carries with it apprehensions about the likelihood of getting infected. When malls reopened, Bettina Pangalangan was among their usual patrons that did not immediately return. When she has no choice but to shop for essentials, each trip is planned so that she maximizes her time and does not have to go out as often.

She shared, “When I go out, it’s all in one go…Because after that, you will have to quarantine yourself again, right?”

She added, “I don’t see malls as essentials right now.”

Once home, taking a bath before anything else is a must. It is a personal safety protocol she and her brother who works as a nurse would not easily give up, knowing exactly how coronavirus tarnishes people’s lives when their grandpa died of COVID-19-induced pneumonia last year.

Their parents, medical workers in the United States, also caught the coronavirus, but thankfully already recovered and are now vaccinated.

Source: https://www.philstar.com/business/2021/03/15/2083864/year-after-filipinos-are-now-asked-go-out-youth-dont-want-to

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