Chef Gordon Ramsay has a new game show

His restaurants may be closed, but Gordon Ramsay certainly hasn’t been lazing around during lockdown. He’s used the extra time to shoot a new game show he’s been developing since 2019.

Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance will air on BBC One, over 10 days. Contestants try to win money by balancing gold, silver and red bars of varying weights across a pyramid without it tipping over, which is evidently harder than it looks.

Ramsay jokes, “That board is so unpredictable, it’s more unpredictable than me.”

All the standard game show elements are there, including time restrictions, general knowledge questions, and large cash prizes – the jackpot is 6.8 million pesos.

Ramsay acknowledges that viewers might be surprised to see him hosting such a program. But it’s worth saying he hasn’t tried to conform to stereotype; he’s still recognisably sweary and short-tempered, which may have been the reason for the show’s late timeslot.


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