COVID-19 Spreads From Italy to Brazil

COVID-19 has spread in Europe and beyond, with Latin America confirming its first patient as the world scrambled to contain the deadly epidemic that has killed thousands worldwide.

In a sign of the virus’ expanding footprint, Brazil confirmed Latin America’s first case, a 61-year-old who had travelled to Italy’s northern Lombardy region.

New cases have emerged across Europe, many linked to the continent’s coronavirus hotspot in northern Italy. Greece confirmed its first case on Wednesday, a woman who had been in northern Italy. Finland reported its second case, a woman who had recently visited Milan, and Sweden confirmed a second case, a man in his 30s who had returned from northern Italy a few days earlier.

Spain, Croatia, Austria, North Macedonia and Algeria have all reported cases linked to Italy. Norway has also reported its first case, but the patient had returned from China late last week.


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