Coca-Cola Could Be in Tight Supply of Sweetener Due to COVID-19

Coca-Cola says COVID-19 has disrupted its supply chain, and artificial sweeteners from China could be in short supply if the outbreak continues. Production and exports have been delayed for Coke’s suppliers of sugar alternatives used in the company’s diet and zero-sugar drinks.

In its annual report, Coca-Cola indicated that it considered sucralose — the sugar substitute better known as Splenda and used in products such as Powerade Zero and Diet Coke with Splenda — a “critical raw material” sourced from suppliers in the US and China.

The company said it has “initiated contingency supply plans and [does] not foresee a short-term impact due to these delays, [but] we may see tighter supplies of some of these ingredients in the longer term should production or export operations in China deteriorate.”

Coca-Cola is donating to organizations involved with helping patients and containing the virus.


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