The pandemic helped Chromebooks’ popularity

Chromebooks were launched in 2011. Chrome OS is a web-based operating system that connects to online apps, rather than running them on powerful local hardware.

Chromebooks are often cheaper than other laptop options, and are made by different companies.

The cheap machines have increased in popularity since launch, but 2020 saw a sudden explosion.

Gartner analyst Ranjit Atwal explained, “Chromebooks have really been the growth area as Covid-19 has locked down schools and education. This is really the time that Chromebook has come into its own. Not only is it a 2020 phenomenon, it seems to be continuing into 2021.”

He said the platform’s expected strong showing in the computer mix had been brought forward by the pandemic.

He added, “There’s no doubt there’s a lot of consumers who had to go out and buy cheaper notebooks for younger children – so they didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money.”


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