Cutting Salt Might Prevent Future Heart Disease

What’s the leading cause of heart disease? High blood pressure, which is often triggered by high salt intake in the food we eat. Hypertension is also the leading cause of stroke, heart failure and kidney disease.

Yet even if we never salted another dish again in our lives, we would likely still be eating too much sodium every day. That’s because it’s added to manufactured foods for flavor, texture and color as well as a preservative.

A new meta-analysis of 133 clinically randomized trials on lowering salt intake, published in the British journal BMJ, found strong evidence about what would happen if the salt in the foods we eat was cut back. Not only did cutting dietary sodium reduce blood pressure in those with existing hypertension, it also reduced blood pressure in people who were not yet at risk.

The greater the reduction in salt intake, the greater the fall in blood pressure, the research found. That’s huge in the world of prevention, so lessen your salt intake today.


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