What Do Gen Z Employees Look For in the Workplace?

While salary and compensation remain the top consideration of Philippine job seekers, this is not the same case for Generation Z, said to be the future of the workforce.

According to the recent Laws of Attraction survey of Jobstreet Philippines, job seekers aged 18 to 23 — classified as Gen Z — prioritize career development opportunities.

“For Generation Z, money is not as important. Younger talent [is] more keen on furthering their skills and broadening their horizons,” the study revealed.

Conducted in 2019, the survey revealed the top three drivers for Generation Z employees: career development opportunities at 17%, salary and compensation at 14.3%, and work-life balance at 12%.

The least important drivers were the culture and value of the organization at 4%, recruitment process at 3%, and the size of the company and its market position at 1%.

Source: https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/money/companies/727586/what-gen-z-employees-look-for-in-the-workplace/story/

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