Why some cyclists are avoiding bike lanes in Metro Manila

A group of cyclists aired their grievances against bike lanes in Marikina and other cities in Metro Manila such as inaccessibility and concerns on dangerous paths.

A group called Cycling Matters re-shared two posts that provided context on why most bike lanes in the metropolis are not safe for both cyclists and commuters.

A Facebook page called Manila Bike Commuter enumerated the common reasons why most cyclists are not using bike lanes. Photos attached in the post also showed why some bike lanes are perceived unsafe and inaccessible.

Manila Bike Commuter further stressed the importance of safe and sustainable paths for cyclists in Metro Manila.

The user said, “Bike lanes are meant to protect vulnerable bicycle users, not cage them so they can no longer use other lanes. If bike lanes are not fulfilling their intended purpose of making safer pathways for bicycle users, then it’s just natural that they will be avoided.”

Source: https://interaksyon.philstar.com/trends-spotlights/2021/03/02/186634/why-some-cyclists-are-avoiding-bike-lanes-in-metro-manila/

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