New Delhi’s Deadliest Violence in Decades Following Citizenship Law

Violence erupted on the streets of New Delhi, mostly between Hindus and Muslims. At least 27 people have been killed, including a police officer, and about 200 people have been injured. 

India’s capital saw its deadliest violence in decades after Parliament approved a controversial citizenship law in December. The legislation was backed by the Hindu nationalist party, BJP.

The law fast-tracks Indian citizenship for some foreign-born religious minorities, but excludes Muslims. Protesters for and against the law blocked a major road last Saturday. The surge in violence continued as U.S. President Donald Trump visited India last week.

Photos and videos on social media show mobs of Hindus and Muslims clashing in northeast Delhi. Some threw stones and crude gasoline bombs. People set fire to cars parked on the street. Hindu mobs also vandalized local shops and a mosque. Police used tear gas to disperse crowds.


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