Skyway Welding Caused Fire in Pandacan

“Hot work” conducted by a subcontractor of the Skyway Stage 3 project in Pandacan, Manila, caused the fire last February 1, according to San Miguel Corporation.

The Bureau of Fire Protection concluded that metal grinding and welding activities caused a beam to collapse. “Metal embers or welding slag apparently came into contact with cartons and other combustible materials, starting the fire,” San Miguel said. This dismissed initial findings that the fire originated outside the construction yard used by contractor DM Consunji.

Aside from the Skyway, the fire also engulfed the Manila Plastics Plant, San Miguel’s packaging business. Total damage to both the Skyway and the packaging facility was estimated at 1.2 billion pesos.

Before the blaze, the 37.4-billion-peso Skyway was supposed to be accessible to motorists by April this year. It is now expected to be operational in July 2020, a delay of three months.


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