Whatever happened to: Metro Manila bike lanes

In June last year, the government released to much fanfare its EDSA reform plan for bike lanes to be installed in the congested highway. Eight months since then, no single bike lane can be found in that area.

EDSA is a reflection of a sluggish broader project to build 523 kilometers of protected bike lanes nationwide, funding for which was allotted under the Bayanihan to Recover as One Act.

Funding provisions under Bayanihan II were supposed to expire last December, but got extended until June— leaving government only five months to complete the bike lanes.

Jedd Ugay of commuter advocacy group AltMobility PH said, “The commitment of these agencies to push for a bike lane network might not be very high. We haven’t heard the real reason for the delays.”

Ugay added, “If there are a lot of implementing agencies, the way bureaucracy works is that none of them move because there’s no higher agency telling them, ‘do this.’”

Source: https://www.philstar.com/business/2021/02/08/2076193/whatever-happened-to-metro-manila-bike-lanes

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