Traditions and superstitions of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year parades of dragons and lions are a colorful performance accompanied by loud banging of drums and cymbals.

In China, the dragon represents great power, strength, and auspiciousness. Meanwhile, the lion represents safety and luck. It is commonly carried by two dancers with one of them in charge of the head, making the lion’s ears wiggle and its eyes blink.

The color red is prevalent during festivities as it is a special color in Chinese culture, signifying energy, happiness, and good luck. Most people wear red clothing as it represents vitality as well as strength.

Elders hand out red envelopes (or Ang Pao) to children. These contain money, and giving them is believed to bring good luck and long life to both the giver and receiver.

The Lunar New Year won’t be complete without setting off firecrackers or generally just making noise. Doing this is supposed to drive away bad spirits, bad luck, and the mythical beast called Nian.


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