75-year-old American stranded in NAIA living on food handouts from airport workers

A 75-year-old American, who claims to be a Vietnam war veteran, has been living at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport for the past two weeks.

Maurice Francis O’Connor said he missed his flight to Thailand. O’Connor, who hails from Massachusetts, was first spotted roaming the departure area of NAIA Terminal 1 two weeks ago by airport security patrolling the area.

Security personnel said O’Connor later went to the terminal’s arrival extension area. Since then, he has occupied the front of a public comfort room at the arrival extension’s well-wishers’ area. He occupies at least two rows of seats which serves as his bed and space for his few remaining clothes.

When asked why he missed his flight, he was not able to give a straight answer. He said he was married to a Thai, served the US Army, and fought in the Vietnam war.

Airport security personnel and janitors, meanwhile, said that they have been contributing money and food for him.

Source: https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/01/30/21/75-year-old-american-stranded-in-naia-living-on-food-handouts-from-airport-workers

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