Indonesia’s vaccine drive and the trials it conducted

Indonesia has adopted its unique coronavirus vaccination approach to first inoculate those 18 to 59 partly because the main vaccine it is using hasn’t been trialed on its elderly.

The Southeast Asian country is relying heavily on the Chinese Sinovac manufactured CoronaVac to inoculate its population, with three million of 125 million promised doses already delivered last month and being distributed to health facilities across the nation.

Indonesia says the China vaccine has a 65% effectiveness. But the government has only carried out tests on the 18-59 age group as part of the multi-country Sinovac trial.

The country will start immunizing the elderly in the second round of vaccinations once they get data from other countries involved in the trial.

But even if they’d been asked to test it on people over 60, they would mostly likely be still focused on immunizing the working population first, as they believe that will protect the most people.


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