Disneyland to reimagine Jungle Cruise ride following years of criticism

Disney announced it is rethinking a classic theme park attraction following years of criticism from fans.

The Jungle Cruise ride, where a wisecracking skipper ferries guests along a waterway, is one of the last attractions at the theme parks that was personally overseen by Walt Disney himself.

However, Jungle Cruise has not aged as gracefully as some other attractions. Although the ride was inspired by nature documentaries, one of the sights along the river route is a scene of “natives,” which depicts them as wild, primitive and threatening.

Disney confirmed the ride’s upcoming overhaul. Among the changes will be a new animated skipper character.

A “Jungle Cruise” movie starring Emily Blunt and The Rock is due out later in 2021. However, Disney has not confirmed whether there will be any overlap between the movie and the ride.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride also came under scrutiny for scenes of the pirates selling female captives.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/disneyland-jungle-cruise-ride-trnd/index.html

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