How dancing can make you feel better – even in COVID-19 lockdown

Michela Vecchi, associate professor of economics at Middlesex University, finds dance is not just a good form of exercise or a way to stay fit and supple “but it also has an effect on our brain.”

Her friends question why even as a middle-aged woman she is so keen on dancing – and her answer is that it exercises her brain and gives her the opportunity to learn something new.

A few years ago, Vecchi came across neuroscience literature about the positive effects dancing has on the brain, and realized she herself had been experiencing it.

She shared, “Several studies have proven dance is particularly effective in improving your well-being. And if we feel better, if we feel happier, that also reflects in our work.”

She says dancing keeps her sane, so she has continued to dance with her studio group even during lockdown. They now ‘meet and dance’ via Zoom, and while they may struggle to follow all the steps, they continue to bond over their shared love for dancing.


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